NASM CPT Study Progress

Hello all. Just checking in to give an update on hour studying for my personal trainers certificate through NASM is going... Well, I think it is going pretty good, I created a study schedule but quickly fell off that band wagon. I didn't go about it very well. I based it on chapters, but what … Continue reading NASM CPT Study Progress


Fartleks… Say what?

Oh Monday. The start of a new week. Hopefully this week I can stay to a better workout schedule and a healthier eating plan. Last week was another unsuccessful, "I am going to get it together this week" week. I started my morning off with some fartleks. What are fartleks? Hehe, fart means speed in … Continue reading Fartleks… Say what?

The ONE Thing You Need to Get That Stank Out of Your Running Clothes

Good morning everyone! Do you ever have those certain sweaty articles of clothing that are just so stinky, and you can't get the smell out?? Look no further, you found the right little corner of the of the internet... Today's post was inspired by a conversation I heard while at the Naples Half Marathon a … Continue reading The ONE Thing You Need to Get That Stank Out of Your Running Clothes


Staying Active: Vacations

Greetings everyone from Tennessee. My husband and I are in the Pigeon Forge/Gatlinburg area for a reunion. It is a beautiful area, even with these devastating wild fires, the local residents seem to be bouncing back and keeping a positive spirit. So today I want to share a few ideas on how to stay active … Continue reading Staying Active: Vacations


First Time to a Pilates Class

Hi there! Thursday's I usually attend a "Chisel" class. It is a full body work out, and I had recently graduated to using 12lb weights. Woohoo! When the new year started the schedule change, Thursday evenings are now Pilates...  I don't do Pilates! Ugh no way. Well, I decided to give it a shot. I … Continue reading First Time to a Pilates Class


Attempts to More Frequent Runs

Good afternoon everyone! This is the first really hot day in a while. It made for a sweaty run. I am sorry for everyone up north that is suffering from snow/ice storms, so I won't talk to much about this heat. This is my second week working with my husband, and not at Whole Foods … Continue reading Attempts to More Frequent Runs


It Arrived!

Not to long ago I told you about my decision to start studying to become a personal trainer. Well, I put in my notice at Wholefoods Market, started working for my husband, and I just received my textbook in the mail through NASM!!!! I am so excited! I am going to start study ASAP. I … Continue reading It Arrived!