Nothing gets me more motivated than having a 5k on the horizon.

What about you? Have you ever signed up for a race?

Don’t be nervous to sign up for one. My sister encouraged me to sign up for the Fit2Run Robinson Preserve Twilight Run in 2013, my first 5k. I went on Google and researched some Couch 2 5k training plans. Found one that worked for me and shazam! I started a run/ walk plan with pretty good success.

Here are my runs that I have completed so far on this fitness journey:

03/31/2017       Robinson Preserve Twilight 5K (Bradenton, FL)                     29:21 PR

03/24/2017       Run for Music 10K (Naples, FL)                                                  1:00:07

01/15/2017       Naples Daily News Half Marathon (Naples, FL)                     2:27:35 PR

12/10/2016      Spartan Super OCR (Jacksonville,FL)                                         3:50:27

10/15/2016      Bradenton Area Half Marathon (Bradenton,FL)                     2:33:13

04/09/2016      Run for Music (Naples, FL)                                                           58:41 PR

03/25/2016     Robinson Preserve Twilight 10k (Bradenton, FL)                    59:44

02/21/2016    Disney Princess Half Marathon (Disney World)                       3:15:48

11/08/2015     Fort Myers Marathon (Fort Myers, FL)                                        6:20:16 PR?

03/27/2015    Robinson Preserve Twilight 10k (Bradenton, FL)                     1:05:59

01/25/2015     Suncoast Half Marathon (Lakewood Ranch, FL)                      2:33:02

01/18/2015     Tour de Cape 30 mile Cycling (Cape Coral, FL)                         no chip

10/26/2014    Poland Springs Marathon Kickoff 5 Miles (NYC)                       50:51 PR

05/10/2014    Miles for Moffitt 8k (Tampa, FL)                                                    58:19

03/28/2014    Robinson Preserve Twilight 5k (Bradenton, FL)                         31:08

11/16/2013      Run or Dye Color Run 5k (Fort Myers, FL)                                   no chip

10/12/2013      Romp in the Swamp Obstacle Course 4 miles (Plant City, FL) no chip

09/02/2013    Canes Cross Country Classic 5k (Bradenton, FL)                         35:03

05/04/2013    Island Run 5k (Anna Maria Island, FL)                                          33:23

03/29/2013    Robinson Preserve Twilight 5k (Bradenton, FL)                           35:15

So, as you can see, I am not gifted at running at all. I mean, come on, look at those times. But the most important thing about running and races is to have fun! Compete with your past times, and don’t even worry about the people that finish quicker than you. It is all about completing your goals. I am going to make a post about each of these races (even though they are in the past) because I learned something new at each race. So stay tuned =D


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