Run Story

Welcome to Fit Chocolate Chip!


After much contemplation, two sisters decided to create a blog to document their fitness journey. The ups and downs or two people that do not have a particular knack for running.

Then, after a lot of laziness and procrastination a blog was born! Read on to find out a little bit more about our fitness journey and blogging inspiration (or lack of).

The end of the year 2012 was rapidly approaching as Danielle started to take on a new exercise… running! (She can tell you about why she started running at another time). She was off to a great start! And of course the influential little sister, Josey, decided to tag along. At this point we lived about 2 hours away from each other so we would rarely run together. But through the app runkeeper, we could keep tabs on each other’s progress.

So, we are two of four siblings, but so far the two of us are the most interested in running. Who knows maybe there will be a day when all four of us are running a marathon together. Doubtful. We are both married and do not have any children.

Any who, after Danielle began embracing running, she told me about a 5K that she was thinking of signing up for. I quickly agreed to do it with her. The 5K was a little less than 4 months away so we had plenty of time to train. Alas, the day arrived for the big race. And it was SO. MUCH. FUN. We just couldn’t believe how awesome it was. (You can read about this race in my race recap series) And ever since that race we have run many more and have not lost our love of running.

Yes. Running is hard. It takes a lot of physical and mental endurance. But it is so rewarding.

So, this blog was created to encourage the runner that doesn’t think they can do it. That isn’t a “natural” runner. Because let me tell, we are not natural runners, but we work hard at it and embrace everything it has to offer.

Here you will read personal fails and successes that have contributed to our passion. Tips to help out the insanely busy person pursue running. Recipes to give you energy to complete your long run. Workouts to motivate you. And a bunch of other random things that I am sure you can’t live with out.

Oh, and why the name fit chocolate chip. (1) We are trying to get fit, and (2) let’s be serious, chocolate chips are amazing.



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