Run Fast. Eat Slow. Challenge Accepted. 

Why hello there. Fancy meeting you here.... Anywho, let us get to it. I am an avid listener of podcasts. I keep up with the Marathon Training Academy podcast weekly, most the time I will listen to it during a run (if you haven't listened to it before, you absolutely should. It is fantastic). I … Continue reading Run Fast. Eat Slow. Challenge Accepted. 


Marathon Training Week 20

This is a week never to forget! I hit my 20 mile mark. It is very surreal, and with my current circumstances, I really need this. I also can't believe I was able to do it. So for the last week I have packed up my house, and have sold a lot of my furniture. … Continue reading Marathon Training Week 20

Race Recap- Robinson Preserve 10k

Hey there! So I just got back from another awesome race weekend. I will be sharing with you the highlights of my first official 10k race... Robinson Preserve Twilight 10k This is our third year completing this race in our family... but this time it was a little different. This year they added a 10k … Continue reading Race Recap- Robinson Preserve 10k

Half Marathon Week 10 Wrap up

This is serious now. Last week we picked a half marathon to run in, and it is rapidly approaching. So we jumped right back into our training, week 10.   Week 10 stats: Tuesday: 4.63 miles hill run @11.21 pace Friday: 3.1 miles speed work @10:47 pace Sunday: 7.02 long run @10:58 pace Total miles: … Continue reading Half Marathon Week 10 Wrap up