Robinson Preserve Twilight 5K

Why hello there! I hope everyone had a good weekend. Mine was jam packed, but today I am going to recap one thing that was noteworthy. Drum roll... The 9th annual Robinson Preserve Twilight 5k/10K!! The past two years we have done the 10K, but this year, we just felt like running a 5k. It … Continue reading Robinson Preserve Twilight 5K


What Gear Should You Use for Your First Spartan Super

I am going to start by saying I am in no way an expert on Spartan¬† Races. I have currently only run one Spartan Super. I will say that I did a lot of research going into it, and I was really satisfied with the gear I used. This race was just the funnest race … Continue reading What Gear Should You Use for Your First Spartan Super

Friday Morning Spin Class

Gooooood morning! (I am saying that like Oprah by the way) It is early early and I have already completed my workout for today. That's right! I recently started going to LA Fitness, and they have early morning cycling classes. Which is just fantastic because I really enjoy cycling classes... I am I feel good … Continue reading Friday Morning Spin Class